occupiers liability claims

Occupiers Liability Claims

At AM Legal Compensation Lawyers, we are specialists who deal constantly with occupiers liability claims and general negligence.
Public liability claims and occupiers liability claims is an area that covers a wide range of accidents. These can occur due to another person’s negligence or failure to take reasonable care.

Principal Antony Mastrogiannis, is an accredited specialist in personal injury law. Antony has extensive experience in dealing with public liability and occupiers liability..

AM Legal Compensation Lawyers has the expertise and experience to advise on and pursue liability claims, against occupiers of premises that were the scene and cause of negligently inflicted injury. Antony has knowledge of the legislation and implements his expertise to assemble evidence, and prosecute claims for the recovery of compensation.  In addition, Antony has had many successful claims against the insurers, department store, shopping malls and recreational activities.

The law of occupiers’ liability is concerned with the duty of care owed by occupiers of premises or land toward visitors, whether invited or uninvited,
who suffer either personal injury or property damage during the course of their visits. Just as in all negligence cases, the broad issue for the court to determine is: what steps is the occupier reasonably expected to take to safeguard visitors from injury or damage? Occupiers’ liability is that part of the law which sets the safety standards which householders, farmers, tenants, companies and anyone else in control of land or buildings should observe to safeguard those who come onto the premises. Special and complex rules were developed to set the appropriate safety standards for occupiers. These are to be contrasted with the ordinary negligence rules which govern other cases.

For more information please review the full act found at the following link:

The Law Reform Commission Occupiers Liability claims.

Occupiers Liability Claims


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